physical therapistPhysical therapy is the treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods such as massage, heat treatment, and exercise rather than by drugs or surgery. If you’re looking for a physical therapist, the first thing you should look for is someone with care and compassion, and generally a nice person. As a patient, the physical therapist should be able to build rapport with you and make you feel that you’re in it together for your ultimate benefit. The caregiver should also be someone who listens to you and help you choose a treatment plan that works for you.

Easy Appointments

You should be able to embark on your physical therapy program right away because this guarantees the best outcome for your particular case. A physical therapist should also be readily available- giving you a schedule of treatment. As for the program itself, it should offer more than passive treatment such as massage, ultrasound or traction. Even though these feel good and can play an important role in your rehabilitation, active treatments such as exercise and correcting the posture are more beneficial.

Knowledgeable Therapist

You need to look for someone who is knowledgeable and is able to teach you everything about your particular condition. You should also be provided with self-care solutions to assist with the condition. Remember that passive treatments might make you too reliant on your therapist as opposed to active treatments that can give you some control of your situation. Your therapist should also provide you with personal attention and care. He or she shouldn’t be too busy or have too many patients such that you become neglected.

Types of Physical Therapy

There are different types of physical therapy, and they all help a patient recover from a disease or injury. That’s why you’ll find PTs specializing and they can offer any one of the following services.

Orthopedic Therapy

This is the most common form of physical therapy and it helps to treat muscle, bone or other tissue injury. This type of therapy is given to people injured at work or while playing sports. Injuries from surgery or chronic disease will also require this form of therapy.

Pediatric Therapy

This one is for children having issues with strength, movement or coordination. Custom therapies are normally provided to help children improve their strength, control and dexterity.

Geriatric Therapy

It specializes in assisting elderly people overcome challenges brought about by the aging process. This will include reduced mobility as a result of arthritis or weakened muscles and bones because of osteoporosis. They may also have difficulty moving after surgery and will need such therapy.

Common issues

Physical therapy is challenging and your therapist often deals with emotional stress working with patients recovering from traumatic injuries or illnesses. There are physical demands because sometimes patients have to be literally supported or carried. They may also have to work long hours to provide treatment to a patient. As one Jersey City clinic proclaimed, “Let’s be thankful for these real-life angels.”

glucoamine for dogsGlucosamine is the primary molecule which makes up Chondroitin. Chondroitin is one of the building blocks of cartilage. So without the proper amounts of Glucosamine, cartilage will have difficulty in regenerating itself. Cartilage is constantly being worn down and regenerated. As a dog gets older, this process accelerates, and the dog needs more Glucosamine to maintain the regeneration process

As the family dog gets older, he may develop osteoarthritis just as do humans. Commonly, a senior dog will let out a yelp when he attempts to rise from a horizontal or sitting position. Many times he will make no sound at all, but it is obvious to any observer the dog feels pain, usually in the hip. Once up and standing on his legs, the dog may walk with a stiff gait or run with both back legs held together. This is sometimes referred to as a bunny trot. Dogs do not display pain as easily as humans do, so it is important to watch for panting, lack of appetite, and lethargy which are all common characteristics. To ease the dog’s pain and possibly reverse some of the damage from arthritis, studies have shown great results with the administration of glucosamine, more specifically, glucosamine chondroitin.

The most common condition of senior dogs is osteoarthritis with pain centralized in the hip. Glucosamine chondroitin can greatly reduce the pain and restore the natural movement of the joints. The way glucosamine chondroitin works is to synthesize and rebuild the cartilage that has been broken down by age and wear, bringing new life and energy to an otherwise lethargic dog. In fact, the combination has been used on dogs with spinal problems with great results. Years ago, pets with arthritis were either euthanized or given treatment with pain medications. The medications masked the pain, but never restored the dog’s mobility and eventually the dog was put to sleep. Currently, with the addition of glucosamine, a dog can be assured a long, pain-free life.

The best method of treatment for dogs is with a natural supplement, such as pills or capsules which may be crushed and added to the pet’s food. Also, though a dog may safely be prescribed the human form of, it is much easier to dose the dog with a product made specifically for them. Still, no matter whether it is the human or the animal form, the dog will need to be on the supplement for life, and the best news is finally, more and more veterinarians are realizing the safety, and miraculous changes glucosamine makes in a dog’s later years and in the humans who love him. Editor Note: For a convenient form of dog glucosamine, Amazon carries a wonderful product.

Below is what Chondroitin is and how it is beneficial to your dog:

Chondroitin has an anti-inflammatory effect just like Glucosamine. Chondroitin is naturally produced by the body and is necessary for joint integrity and for preventing destructive enzymes from harming joint tissue. Chondroitin also improves the elasticity of blood vessels which improves circulation. Chondroitin also has been found to improve the movement of white blood cells which aid in fighting off infections.

Chondroitin sulfate has also been found to ease the pain of arthritis in dogs. Not only does it offer pain relief, but many studies have also shown it actually to reverse the damage caused by arthritis by increasing cartilage growth. It also promotes the healing of bone tissue in the case of broken bones.

Virtually anyone can get stretch marks on their body, men, women and even children. It is not a disease or illness as much as it is an affliction caused by an inadequate amount of collagen in the system, coupled with a sudden or prolonged weight gain. Stretch marks are embarrassing and unsightly to the afflicted person. Yet all hope is not lost; there are some preventive steps and medical supplements that can reduce or virtually eliminate them altogether. Knowing how they appear beforehand is just as important as their treatment.

Weight Loss

Excessive weight gain is the primary culprit of stretch marks. Any gender can get stretch marks and it is very typical with women who become pregnant and gain weight in the abdominal region. One of the best preventive measures to combat rapid weight gain for pregnant or non-pregnant individuals is a healthy diet regiment that excludes heavy starches and sugars. The time to stop weight gain is early, when the skin tissues are not taxed to point of tearing and scaring. Foods rich in lean protein, fresh vegetables and fruits are essential in losing and maintaining proper weight. Persons who have experienced weight gain over a longer period should consult a doctor or dietitian and then follow a prescribed diet routine. Pregnant women can also benefit by adhering to a reasonable diet that will keep excess pounds off in spite of the regular weight gain expected with pregnancy. Persons should also adopt a regular routine of physical exercise that burns unwanted calories, promotes high energy levels and results in increased overall health. Regular water consumption is vital in keeping the skin hydrated with moisture which allows adequate elasticity of the skin.

Natural Ointments and Lotions

Natural ointments and lotions that contain herbs and chemicals will help to decrease or remove stretch marks. Some of these products may have a few artificial ingredients but they are in whole natural remedies. Cod liver oil, lavender and coco butter help moisturize the skin, heal scars and replenish skin nutrients. Pregnant women can combat the appearance of stretch marks by applying natural ointments and lotions before the signs of pregnancy occur, thus allowing the skin to expand (during pregnancy) and contract (post pregnancy) without damage. These products should be massaged into the skin as many times as needed or prescribed. Stretch marks can be reduced with the aid of Vitamin C by increasing the dose to at least 500 milligrams per day. Glycolic acid in combination with Vitamin C increases the potency.

Commercial Creams and Applications

Revitol is a commercial cream that can be obtained without a prescription and works well to eliminate stretch marks. Both Retin-A and Vitamin E oil both contain collagen boosters that not only contain collagen but promote its manufacture in the body. They effectively add strength, durability and elasticity to the skin cells, allowing them to stretch without separation and tearing. The sooner they are used, the more effective they are at keeping stretch marks from developing.

Laser and Surgical Treatments

Vascular laser treatments can be a bit costly but help to eliminate stretch marks. Pulsed dye laser treatments work well on fresh or early appearing stretch marks that are typically discolored. Fractional laser treatments are reserved for older stretch marks by resurfacing the skin area and are used on non-colored indented stretch marks. Surgery can be considered a last resort but an effective means of removing stretch marks permanently. The surgery involves a “tummy tuck” where damaged areas are physically cut out and new skin is joined in its place. A dermatologist or doctor should be consulted before any laser or surgery option is explored. These procedures can require several visits.