bathroom remodelThere are many lifestyle changes that could cause you to think in terms of remodeling some or all of your home. Those reasons could include fixtures and fittings that need to be updated to help economize on water or electricity. The sudden realization that there is a build up of mold is another reason that could be a bit more pressing. The need to accommodate a member of the family who is challenged with handicapped issues and a life that would restrict their ability to function in a basic bathroom or kitchen. Preparing to place the home on the market and wanting to ensure that it generates a great deal of interest.

Determine The Reason

It is important to determine the purpose for remodeling before undertaking the project, especially since it can affect the outcome. Homeowners should keep in mind that unless a complete overhaul is needed the remodeling project should probably be streamlined to match the need. For instance a build up of mold will probably only affect specific areas and these will be the spots that need to be addressed. A handicapped resident could require a lot more focus especially as it relates to the person needing to use the facilities.

Working With A Budget

This is certainly not an area where the homeowner should be cutting corners if only for the fact that the outcome will affect the value of the property. There are some rooms in the house that will not witness high traffic, but the bathroom is not one of them. Whether it is a facelift for personal reasons or an upgrade to help you lower your utility bills an effective budget should be put into place for remodeling the bathroom. That doesn’t mean that expenses should be allowed to go overboard either. This is where the experience of a qualified contractor will come in handy.

The Choice Is Yours

It is not uncommon for a homeowner to think in terms of handling the remodel project for themselves. Some people believe that they can save on expenses through DIY projects. This mode of thinking is appropriate when the homeowner has experience in remodeling and is good with their hands. Unfortunately the ability to get the best prices from suppliers will be lost to a DIY enthusiast who won’t have the buying power that an experienced contractor will. It should also be noted that the experienced contractor generally offers a warranty just in case something goes wrong.

The Right Look

Considering the daily demand that is placed on the bathroom, the kind of materials should be studied carefully. There is no point replacing the mirror with a similar one when you could upgrade to a much more stylish one for the same price. Before choosing the tiles you should think about how easy they are to clean and how durable they will be. Fixtures are particularly important to consider, especially when your remodel is taking place due to a handicap or an attempt to reduce your bills. Finally, remember that a bathtub will look entirely different in the showroom so make sure you choose one that you are comfortable sitting inside.


home securityProtecting our families and possessions is an important consideration in today’s world. While the chance of any one person being the victim of a home invasion, or burglary, these crimes do exist and you need to take the steps to ensure that yours in not the home a criminal chooses. Home alarm systems come in several different types, each with own pros and cons. In this article, we’ll look at several of those so you can begin to make the best decision for you family.

Passive Systems

Passive security systems include such things as installing deadbolts, trimming the shrubbery near the home so sight lines do not leave any blind stops, and putting timers on lights and televisions or radios to give appearance of someone being at home. Passive systems tend to be the least expensive of all methods of protecting your home, but it also relies a lot on the old adage “Locks are only meant to keep honest people honest”.

A good quality deadbolt is a good start to protect your home. Be sure to buy the best lock you can because many of the inexpensive locks can be easily picked or give way under moderate pressure. For sliding glass doors, windows and other points of access, placing pins through the frames and putting slats of wood to jam the openings can be passive ways of securing these openings.

It is important to understand that a burglar doesn’t want to be seen breaking into a home. If your landscaping provides blind spots from the street or other residences, to hides where the burglar can do their dirty work you’ve made his job a lot easier. Trim back the shrubs to prevent this, and consider planting plants that are uncomfortable to walk through like roses or other thorny bushes under windows.

Active Systems

Active systems include audible and monitored systems installed by a security company. These systems can include not only the security component with many systems also offer fire and carbon dioxide monitoring to ensure your and your family’s safety.

A good security company will install systems that will sound an audible alarm when a door or window is opened. An optional consideration is to have motion sensors placed throughout your home. Some of these systems can be elevated so if you have pets, they will not inadvertently set off the alarms.

Many systems can be monitored by the security company so if the alarm goes off, they alarm company will call the proper authorities depending on the signal they have received. Usually, unless you’ve notified them you are away on vacation, they will call your home to make sure the signal was not a false alarm. When calling the security operator will ask for a code word known only to you, and if you fail to give the code word, or alternatively a panic code, then the company will dispatch the first responders.

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