Some Eye-Opening Truths on Psychic Readings

love spellA person that provides a psychic reading has been called many names throughout the course of time. There have been many misconceptions on what an actual psychic reading really means. The truthful definition of a psychic reading is the following:

“a clear attempt to obtain various information with the use of heightened perceptive abilities. This heightened perception can be simply viewed as the extension of some of the average human senses. These senses would include an instinct, taste, a touch, and the actual sight”.

That is a heightened perceptive ability. There is nothing frightening about an individual who has this heightened ability to obtain information. It may be spiritual information that is the goal.

The Actual Psychic Reading

A telephone psychic reading has been bunked and debunked by many. What are some actual truths about a psychic reading? There is a term that is used for the heightened perceptive ability. The term is called clairvoyance. this is a feeling. The next term that is associated with a reading is called Claircognisance. This simply is referring to a factual knowing. The next term is Clairaudience. This is hearing. These are known as paranormal. These are some of the terms that are associated with a psychic reading. There is a cold reading that is a simple technique that is used by a psychic to produce some very clear and specific information. This information is about social cues and broad statements. This is how a psychic may pick up on information about an individual.

Several Types of Psychic Readings

It ought to be known that there are several different types of psychic readings. These may be viewed as psychic tools. A true psychic may even have a specialized area of expertise. The various readings include the following:

  • astrological readings
  • aura readings
  • palm readings
  • tarot readings
  • Psychometry

These are a sample of some of the specialty psychic readings that are available.

Only Passing the Information Forward

A Reader (the psychic providing the reading) is only passing on the information to the Sitter (the one obtaining a reading) A psychic reading is not a dictatorship in which a Reader will tell a Sitter what to do. Decisions are not really made by a Reader.